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At Luxembourg Freedom Initiative, we are hoping to be a platform bringing awareness to the problem of modern slavery ​and the impact it is having around the world. It is imperative for the government, business corporations, and consumers to all take action for a slavery-free world. Our awareness efforts include disseminating information on modern slavery to youth networks, financial corporations, governmental agencies, and the citizens of Luxembourg.

Modern slavery is forcing a person to engage in any activity that exploits him or her, often referred to as "human trafficking."  It generates massive amounts of money, usually funded by first-world consumers, making it incredibly difficult to abolish.

Some common misconceptions about modern slavery are:

  • Modern slavery only happens in poor countries or in "sketchy" areas in the West; for the most part, modern slavery is not a first-world problem.

  • People with questionable character are the only ones who get trapped.

  • I have never contributed to the exploitation of another person.

  • Corporations will continue to exploit workers worldwide as long as they can get away with it.

  • It will never happen to me or any of my friends.

Our goal is:

  • Remove misconceptions about modern slavery.  

  • Bring awareness about different types of modern slavery.  

  • Educate society on the numbers of people impacted daily by modern slavery.  

  • Provide information on products generated by slavery and child labor.  

  • Offer information on the practical steps we can take to make a difference, one person at a time.


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